Supported Projects
The Foundation has been actively promoting social welfare, health and education programmes. It aims to create a caring and sharing community by its efforts. Since its formation, the Foundation has supported a number of non-profit and social welfare organisations and it takes pride in playing a great role in fostering Hong Kong’s communal development and social services.
Social Welfare
The Foundation’s main objective is to support non-profit and social welfare organisations. However, when natural disaster strikes, the Foundation is also prepared to provide emergency reliefs to those affected by these crises.
On 11 March 2011, a grave earthquake struck north-east Japan, resulting in tsunamis, fires and a nuclear factory meltdown. It incurred numerous casualties and huge economic losses. The Foundation made a special donation to the victims of tsunami that met their urgent daily need which included clean water, food, and electricity in the form of batteries.
Japan Earthquake Relief
The Foundation has been lending its support to the Hong Kong Girl Guides, the Hong Kong Pioneers Mutual Support Association and numerous other non-profit organisations. It has also participated in social welfare events to give financial support to those in need. The Foundation aims to be more involved in contributing to the society in the future.
Support to Social Welfare Organisations
Medical expenses can be a heavy burden to individuals with chronic diseases. Therefore, the Foundation regularly provides monetary support, as well as supports in the form of health food, to alleviate their financial burden as well as to strengthen the patients’ immunity.
The Foundation gave away free “Forticur” Yunzhi Milk Powder to over 1,000 cancer patients in 2010. To date, the Foundation is still helping alleviate patients that are in financial difficulty.
Supporting Chronic Patients
The Foundation, together with the Hong Kong Chinese Medical Association, the Hong Kong Listed Chinese Medicine Practitioners Association, and the Association of Hong Kong Nursing Staff, regularly organizes free health seminars throughout the year. The seminars invite professionals from different disciplines to share health knowledge with the public and recommend solutions common health problems in order to raise the level of health awareness in Hong Kong.
Health Seminars
The Foundation provides its best support everyone – from the three-year-old in kindergarten to the medical specialist who works in a prestigious university. The Foundation has also made a donation to the Museum of Medical Sciences, sponsored World Heart Day, and participated in scientific researches of major universities in Hong Kong.
Medical research can greatly benefit the advancement of man-kind. The Foundation has been generously sponsoring, as well as actively participating in, scientific researches performed in major universities in Hong Kong and around the world.
Sponsoring University Scientific Researches
The Foundation is dedicated to organising and sponsoring events that promote health. It shares the latest information on the health benefits of sleep with Friends of Sleep to promote the importance of sleep abundance, and has sponsored free blood sugar monitoring courses held by the Diabetic Angels. These events help raise public awareness on the importance of living a healthy life.
Raising Awareness