Vita Green Charitable Foundation

It was decided that guiding principle of the Foundation was to lend a hand to all activities that promote health, youth and joy either in the form of monetary, services, products or other materials. The Foundation will also sponsor topics that promote education, art, culture, sports, and social services. While the Foundation is mainly focused on projects in Hong Kong, it also has a global vision to endorse projects abroad.


With the mission of bringing health, youth and joy to the public, Vita Green Health Products has been developing products and organising events to achieve the goal of disease prevention. We advocate a lifestyle that is both healthy and joyful. Once, I was engaged in a conversation with a user of Yunzhi Essence and found that medical expenses could be a heavy burden to some. Recently, I was saddened to learn that the pharmaceutical manufacturer of the H1N1 vaccine refused to donate the vaccine to developing countries. I believe that companies should bear the social responsibility to create a better world for all, but not a worse one. For this very reason, I hope that Vita Green can contribute to society in its own way. As a result, we found the Vita Green Charitable Foundation and donated both cash and products combined to worth HK$10 million to help those in need.